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Natixis in Portugal belongs to Global Financial Services business unit, the global arm of Groupe BPCE, which focuses on two global businesses: Corporate & Investment Banking and Asset & Wealth Management.

Based in Porto, Natixis Center of Expertise mission is to transform traditional banking by developing innovative solutions for the bank’s business, operations and work culture worldwide, as a key driver of the company’s culture of agility and innovation: a perfect fit in Portuguese labour culture. Teams of IT, Banking Support Activities and Compliance work in an integrated, inclusive and transversal way, supporting all the business lines and country platforms.

Join a Team where you can make things change, achieve limitless perspectives to evolve and grow, become an expert and reach your full potential! Because you deserve much more than just a job.
Natixis Launches COBOL Academy for Tech Professionals News 75 days ago Natixis expands investment in Porto, recruiting 300 new employees News 114 days ago Natixis in Portugal has 70 vacancies for its Center of Expertise in Porto News 377 days ago Portuguese Women in Tech and Natixis promote financial literacy among women News 426 days ago Natixis in Portugal is looking for over 200 young talents for its hub in Porto News 428 days ago Natixis announces 100 vacancies for internships News 541 days ago Natixis' employees can travel around the world in its Villages News 544 days ago Natixis in Portugal makes it possible to travel the world without leaving the office News 642 days ago Natixis in Portugal and Fintech Solutions bring together fintech ecosystem focused on social impact in Porto News 655 days ago Natixis has 100 vacancies for professional internships and is recruiting in Porto News 664 days ago Natixis bus gives young people a lift to IT and finance internships News 889 days ago French Natixis reaches 1,500 people in Porto and will increase its team in 2022 News 947 days ago PBS and Natixis' Capital Markets aimed at banking professionals with open enrollment until October 11th News 1041 days ago Natixis wants to hire 400 more employees by the end of the year News 1045 days ago Natixis Portugal “wants your brain”. Bank aims to hire more than 400 people News 1073 days ago Natixis wants to hire 400 people for Porto until the end of the year News 1086 days ago Natixis wants to recruit 400 people for Porto News 1091 days ago Etienne Huret is the Chief Executive of Natixis in Portugal News 1416 days ago Natixis has more than 80 vacancies for new graduates News 1451 days ago Natixis has 30 vacancies in Porto for Management, Law and International Relations News 1540 days ago Natixis wins new business for Porto and creates 130 more jobs News 1612 days ago Natixis locates its new information technology center in Porto and creates 600 new jobs News 2703 days ago

Lead your way to success
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