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FairJourney Biologics

FairJourney Biologics

FairJourney Biologics, an established company with a highly successful ten-year track record of partnerships with emerging biotech, established biopharma and large pharma, offers a range of services and support for antibody discovery, engineering and production.

More recently, FairJourney Biologics has been joined by specialists in the field such as Tariq Ghayur (formerly Abbvie) and Rene Hoet (formerly Bayer), creating a panel of available scientists as service to support complex antibody projects.

From target validation up to cell line development and pre-CMC reporting, FairJourney Biologics is a one stop shop leader in antibody services. As of 2022, the company has a headcount of above 200 staff members and a track record of more than 800 projects on a variety of areas.

Lead your way to success
with FairJourney Biologics

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